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Really Great , But Curses too Much

Love this guy! He always manages to make some really great points towards my self help journey , and gives a lot of advice on how to grow my confidence! I just wish he wouldn’t curse so much lol. It’s kind of a jab whenever he does.

Truly Motivational!

Scott is a rockstar! The great advice he provides, combined with the relatable way in which he delivers it, had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show, Scott - it's been a game changer!

Been listening to this podcast for the last 2 years..

Super helpful whenever I feel down in life and in my career. I’m an immigrant and traveled a lot, left friendships and careers and had to start over multiple times. It’s nice to listen to a podcast with great advice when I feel like I had no one else to ask advice from. Thank you so much for sharing amazing lessons every week. Your podcast has helped me in so many ways, through the pandemic and life’s challenges. More power to you!

How did I just find this podcast?

I’m a junior in college studying exercise physiology, finals are coming up this week and this podcast really pulled me out of my funk. With the weather changing, the holidays being right around the corner, and of course, finals next week, I’ve been struggling to find motivation. This was playing in the background while I got ready this morning, but a quote that really stuck with me was “I was in a place of physically pushing rather than mentally pulling.” I stopped what I was doing to write it down in my journal and I sat and reflected with it. Lately I feel like I’m going through the actions of living, but not really living. I’ve felt dull and empty, but I haven’t understood why. I get into the gym, I go outside and hike and bike, but it wasn’t fulfilling this sense of emptiness. I’ve been taking care of myself physically but not mentally, this episode made me realize that.


I always liked his podcast best when he didn’t feel the need to broadcast his picture on the cover like all the other arrogant podcasters out there. That’s just my opinion.

Great stuff in here!

I have a dream of learning Swift and becoming an app developer. However… I have such a hard time staying motivated. I have a full time job, married, and 3 boys. Finding time to buckle down is very hard. So I got on apple podcasts and found this awesome motivation podcast! Thanks!

Totally levels everything

You ever feel like you just don’t have what it takes or that it feels like the world is stacked against you. I felt this way. The mindset after applying what I’ve learned in this podcast has changed my views and output in my daily life exponentially. I get more done in my pottery studio and feel better about my overall mental/physical health. Give this podcast a listen and I know you will find value in the words and be soothed by his calm demeanor.

Another Point of View

This podcast hosted by Scott, helps put certain topics in life, in a new light of perspective. Also helps by giving you motivation and guidance from another angle on how to help solve whatever issue you might be going through in life. So if your having issues that might need either another point of view or just some helpful guidance look to Scott to help out with that, and hopefully afterwards you too will be on your way to success.

This podcast is amazing.

I’m 52 years old, if only I had the mind set I have now after applying what I’m getting from this podcast. Who knows what I could’ve accomplished. That’s okay , I’m moving forward and letting my past go. The why in my life now is strong. Thank you

Super practical and actionable!

Add The Motivated Mind Podcast to your weekly “to do” list! Host, Scott Lynch brings thoughtful, practical and actionable mindset growth tips in a big way. I especially loved episode 154 about accepting things as they are. Life is so much about changing what we can and changing our mindset about the rest - but this takes time and intention. Thanks for all you do, Scott!

Powerful messages!

I am grateful for coming across this podcast; listening to this has really allowed me to view the world in a more positive perspective, and has also inspired me to take back control of my life. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take this journey of life with the right mindset!

Amazing podcast🔥🔥

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken

Phenomenal podcast

I am so grateful I found this podcast. I have learned so much and encourage anyone who needs motivation to take a listen. I also love the variety of topics discussed.

Life application

I have a spiritual podcast and it always great to hear the physical portion of life and how to retrain our minds in order to create a life changing atmosphere. Always great content to stay motivated look forward to hearing more.

Simply Complex

‘How To Upgrade Your Mindset- 7/26/21’ Scott breaks down the complexities of life in such a simple way, that you can wrap your mind around possibilities. Every time I listen to ‘The Motivated Mind’ I feel inspired with a fresh perspective. It’s like Scott is telling me to take a step back, take a breath and look at my situation objectively… which can sometimes be difficult when you’re caught up in the emotion of your moment. Thank you Scott, for reminding me there’s a forest, beyond the trees.

A hard pill to swallow in podcast form

Scott does a fantastic job in providing motivational mindset by remaining blunt and honest. In life, the truth hurts. We shouldn’t cut corners, doubt ourselves, and not hold one another accountable. Scott ensures in each episode that he puts an emphasis on these areas, and much more. If you’re looking a for a reality check, this podcast is right for you.

Really solid content!

I’ve had a morning routine for a long time. I recently came across this podcast and have now incorporated it into my routine each morning. The content is excellent for developing and maintaining a strong mind!


Great podcast helps me get through the day with positive and helpful information!

Favorite Podcast!

The Motivated Mind is seriously my favorite podcast! I can’t go without it on my car ride each morning!

Honestly the best podcast…

Reader, My favorite podcast to listen to; in the car, doing chores, at work, and anywhere! Been a follower for a few years now. As a person who battles fluctuating anxiety, Scott’s wisdom and insight into the-everyday-person’s mind is so so helpful on bad days and even basic days. Y’all… put to action his advice, it works wonders! Thanks for being a hero Scott *digital high five* - Victoria Rene’ Johnson

Thank you

I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year now and the consistency and authenticity of your shows still amaze me. Your messages are always straight forward and I feel like a friend is talking to me and giving me a lesson. This podcast has definitely inspired and shaped my journey to become the best version of myself. I have rewired my mindset drastically over the last two years and im still going. I have more self discipline, I look for value everywhere i go, and I constantly aim to do what is in my best interest. I appreciate your knowledge so much keep doing what you’re doing.

Life Changer!

My name is Colson and I found this podcast a month ago. I’m 17 and have twin daughters. This podcast gave me the confidence to take action and remove myself from my toxic relationship. This podcast has inspired me a lot and I can’t tell you how much happier I am because of it. I also received a SHOUT OUT on the podcast for telling Scott my story. This is a life changer.

Alignment connections

ISo grateful to have come across this podcast today I don’t even know how I found out how it came across it exactly But, so happy that I did!!!!! I can that it really resonates in my life right now!!! Thanks for much!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

The Best Podcast

Honestly couldn’t ask for a better way to start my day than listening to “The Motivated Mind” It is my favorite podcast. It has such an uplifting and interesting way of putting things into perspective. Will continue listening 👍

Must listen for mental health!

Scott’s insight on how to manage anxiety put a new lense on how I view my own everyday anxiety. One major takeaway for me after listening to his latest episode is how we need to lean into fear to open gateways of opportunity. Often times we’re not able to access new possibilities if we allow fear to get the best of us, and anxiety will continue to ensue. Also the things we fear the most usually don’t come true, it’s all fabricated in our minds. Scott really explained this concept so clearly and he was able to offer a new, fresh perspective. I love how his discussions are so palatable and relatable too. Highly recommend Scott’s podcast!

Always on point

Thanks Scott for sharing your knowledge and time. I’ve been listening to your podcast for about seven months and find it extremely motivating. I’ve shared your podcast with my husband 54, my 20-year-old daughter whose a junior in college and her roommates, my 19-year-old daughter whose a freshman in college, my 17 year-old son who’s a junior in high school and my 14 year-old son who's in 8th grade. There is something to be learned by everyone no matter what your age is. You have a great way of putting things into perspective and easily understood . Thanks for doing this podcast!!

My Journey with Scott Lynch

In 2020, amidst a pandemic and other troubling times, I was going through a breakup that was truly one of the hardest situations I’ve had to deal with other than losing my father, my very dearest friend, to stage 4 liver cancer, 4 years ago. I was forced to find a place to live on my own in 12 days with very little funds due to lack of preparedness, and the emotional backlash of the breakup affected me greatly. I had to max out the only credit card I owned and my credit score was over 750 at the time - something I was extremely proud of but because I has to pay for deposits and furniture, my credit score dipped tremendously. My car broke down close to this time and I had to finance a used car, putting me in more debt at the same time. A few short months later I was let go from my job where I was a top performer and I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. Uber was my only form of income and I was forced to tap into my personal motivation to get up out of bed every day to pay my bills. I have always been a strong person in the face of adversity but while grieving the relationship and the hardships, I felt as though I was lost and uncertain of myself, a place I had experienced before and a place I never wanted to touch again. I decided that I wasn’t going to sit around and feel sorry for myself and I knew that I could find fountains of wisdom in videos and podcasts to leverage my motivation and drive. That’s when I found The Motivated Mind. I began from the very first video and started this sort of brain dump with all of Scott’s wisdom and knowledge. At the time I was also trying to find ways to increase my income, build my credit, and create a financial future for myself, and when I read the thumbnails of his podcasts I knew this was the series for me. I listened to multiple episodes every day while driving for Uber and would many times replay episodes to reinforce the information. Scott has helped me realize that happiness is a true choice. You have to wake up every single day and choose to be the best version of yourself that you can. I learned to take responsibility for EVERY single thing in my life and used that to help me grow. I learned that I am in control of MY life. Instead of sitting around and blaming my ex, or cancer, or lack of time to find a place to live, I switched my mind to gratitude and learned to give grace to those who hurt me or even showing grace to myself when I hurt me. It’s extremely easy to blame life and it’s shortcomings, because people who suffer do the easy thing and have a hard life - but the people that thrive do the hard thing and have an easy life. Scott taught me financial knowledge that I value dearly and my credit score has gone up over 100 points as of now. I landed a life changing job with a company that feels like family and have already been promoted twice in less than a month. I have an amazing support group and friends that I cherish. And I also have a podcast I can rely on when I need an extra push and a familiar friend. It’s crazy that you can literally feel when you are supposed to move into the next chapter of your life. It’s important that we listen to ourselves and ask the questions we have always been afraid to ask, as well as being vulnerable and giving ourselves true, valuable feedback. I am taking control of my life and pushing myself to be amazing, because I believe I can and I will stop at nothing to reach success in personal, emotional, financial, and mental growth and development. Scott, you are truly an inspiration and I hope to have my own podcast one day to bring people value, just as you do for me and everyone else, every week. I hear you say “I absolutely adore this” and “I freaking adore that” but you my friend, I adore you! You have a loyal listener and I have already shared your podcasts with so many people. I can thank you enough for what you do and pouring value into my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheers.

This podcast will change your life if you let it

Scott Lynch does an incredible job at providing new skills to practice every day. These practices help enrich your life and bring you closer and closer to enlightenment. He teaches you how to look forward to every new day and release yourself from self-doubt. He reminds you that you are fully capable of achieving your wildest dreams if you’re willing to put the work in, to be passionate and intentional.

This Podcast Needs An Award!

Scott is a down-to-earth dude that spreads valuable information to the world. Once you listen to one, you will be sucked into a rabbit-hole full of positivity. Thanks for everything Scott! -NDM

Keeping it real!

Found this podcast not too long ago and have been listening ever since! I am very much aligned with his mindset and implement these concepts daily !! This is the way to set your mind free so listen and apply 💞

Love this podcast!

This podcast is a great addition to my work week. Keeps me humble and motivated. Thank you for your dedication Scott!

One of a kind

Amazing podcast from and even more amazing guy. This is the podcast that I didn’t even know I needed. Scott always has fantastic topics to discuss and somehow manages to always make each podcast new and refreshing. Definitely worth the listen!

Unbelievably Inspiring

I found The Motived Mind Podcast, and it changed my life. I was struggling with creative direction, confidence, and motivation. The Motivated Mind has a clear way of communicating the ability to succeed and accomplish anything. I found myself starting the week off listening to Scott and his endless knowledge. I'm now at the point where I know who I am and where I'm going, but I still circle back for his powerful inspiration.

TMM is a must have!

If you struggle with procrastination, lack motivation, and just generally could use a little extra push to help get you going in the right direction then this podcast is for absolutely for you! Scott’s unique insights provide clarity for difficult situations and circumstances. His episodes will leave you feeling re-energized, focused ,and encourage you to be the very best that you can possibly be to crush your goals! He is the motivation coach you’ve been missing!

The Great Podcast!

Scott is a individual who inspires and who you can resonate with. A podcast you look forward to every morning/day to listen to and start your day right and positive to conquer. Scott, I appreciate your messages in every podcast and you. Keep inspiring and motivating!


Great Stuff, keep up the good work :)


Love the content. Doesn’t get old or repetitive like most podcast I listen to.

You need this in your life, trust me.

This podcast is what you never knew you needed. If you've been looking for a kick in the butt to be motivated and determined- you have arrived! The Motivated Mind is the perfect mix of tough love, honesty, and kind words to keep you on your feet with a positive outlook. Give this a listen.

Love this podcast!

This podcast is fantastic - it’s motivating and entertaining. Scott is really an inspiring leader to listen to and learn from, and his high character shows in his dialogue ! 5 stars!

The Right Amount of Motivation

Awesome podcast for if you’re struggling with motivation, need to channel it differently or just need a little pick me up on the way to work! Always some great advice!

Love it!

Absolutely a must-listen. You will thank Scott yourself for tuning in!!!

Real Estate Broker

Wow. Controlling your life episode really resonated with me. Especially at a stage in my life, (more mature) where I didn't shift careers but shifted companies and was very scary. Talking about the fear. Yikes!! Just some really great insight! Thank you Scott!

Eliminate Negativity - Make Room for the Good Stuff

Every podcast - every single one - delivers at least one “aha moment”. I had a professor who encouraged me to always seek profound knowledge. Scott identifies challenges and offers simple steps to meet them head on. His “Secrets to Setting Intentions” is spot on. Got dreams? As he shares “focus on the upside of action” and make that dream your reality.

Truth and reality

Longtime first time. Great pod! Great message and positive content, keep it up. Very professional podcast.

Love it!

Your podcast has changed my life. I recommend it to everyone! Great work thank you

Powerful message!

The first episode I heard was about mediocrity. It really resonated with me and gave me the courage I needed to quit my job! I’m going for it!


I love you podcast man! Changed my whole life around. You fill my mind with nothing but positivity and make me think better about myself and made me realize that I can do better with my life. Thank you for what you’ve done for me.

Wonderful Podcast! Very insightful!

I’m very thankful that I came across this podcast. I struggle with motivation and procrastination, and this podcast not only motivates me, but allow me to understand the issues that has driven me to procrastinate before. This podcast is really great and insightful! You’ll love it!

Absolutely love.

Your podcast has made a huge impact on my life thankyou.

Great reminders!

This is a quick podcast that has great reminders. I feel like I am having a conversation with a super motivating friend. Thank you for doing what you do!

So glad I came across this podcast

This podcast came into my life when I needed it🙌🏼 I was really confused and lost, found myself back at a 9-5 job I hated so much. This podcast inspired me to dig deep and reflect, now I’m proud to say I quit that job & I’m holding 2 social media management jobs at the moment for companies I LOVE! ❤️ Look forward for these podcasts every Monday!

First podcast I have ever listened too

My boyfriend mother has been seeing us both go down hill for the past couple of months with our mental health. She gave me a talk and told me to listen to podcasts. This is the first pod cast I have ever listened too and I can already say I will be listening to his podcasts every morning to start my day. Everything he said really had me thinking and realizing I do everything he talked about. Thank you for all you do and having me look at life in a different way that I was not looking at it.

If ur young and mid 20’s listen here

I am 24 y/o and it’s always hard to find a good well ear hearing podcasts. This is we’re its at. You won’t regret it :)


For my first time listening to a podcast this was amazingly helpful , I enjoy his humble vibe. Highly Addictive. I am so ready to deep dive into making my journey of life better with this Podcast. 😃💡

Pretty good!

I came to the podcast app so see what can help me with college. I have been struggling so much to get out of bed and do the minimum of work that I used to do. This helped a lot!


i’m loving this positive motivational ENERGY! :)

WHJoiner. “I TOTALLY understand you.”

This is ANOTHER AWESOME podcast to help educate ALL of us, on how to better understand ourselves. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you are putting in, to helping make this a better world. I am POSITIVE that you are reaching TONS of average working people out there who are just like myself. WE are ALL responsible for our own actions. There are SO many of us that just, DID not realize how to get started. Podcasts like yours, are the fuel behind OUR motivation to better ourselves and to ALWAYS give back. I will ALWAYS do my part to help in ANYWAY I can. We ALL appreciate what you do. GREAT JOB! 👍🙏

Thank you.

Hi, my name is Taylor. Up until now my life has been a culmination of struggles & defeat but you have helped me in the realization that it doesn’t have to be only that. I have been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now & I am noticing simple yet significant changes in the way I think & feel about the things that I am going through. I have always struggled with keeping a job & feeling less than because of that. But now I am able to prioritize my thoughts & really seed out the negativity that was overwhelming my mind daily. I am getting back to my confident self & focusing on what I have succeeded in rather than what I have not. Keep doing what you’re doing, man. You have truly touched my life in a way that I can’t thank you enough for. You’re awesome. You’re mission is awesome. Stay golden.

Thank you

Sometimes we all need a little push. I’ve been searching for a podcast like this. I am no longer held back by fear and am going for my dreams! You’ve helped me to realize how short life is. No more excuses. I appreciate you!

Right To The Point

This podcast really got me through a dark time when I was and still am, trying to pull myself out of a depressive state. The tricks and tips are to the point and practical. And it’s in plain language and very easy to understand! Thank you.

Love it!

I love this podcast


Honestly, I go through the mental roller coaster. Your podcasts help me keep a positive mindset and ultimately guiding me to becoming the best man I can be. -Billy Rock

Episode about Happiness with Selfcare

I listen to the podcast often , episode on Happiness and Self-care is so powerful and inspiring and real. He shares some outstanding points and reminds me that life is not black and white. I loved it. Highly recommended this podcast.

New talk topic

You should talk about personal perseverance and personal discipline and personal reflection for people who are striving to be better and how they can personally have self discipline and reflection and perseverance


This was very real to me, and needed. I came to look for a podcast to help, for words of wisdom, and luckily this was the one piece found. I appreciate what you are doing. Much thanks

Real and raw

I love podcasts that are real. I feel as if it connects to me more personally because it’s not like a auto tone voice, it’s just an everyday person saying what they wanna say. This channel is perfect for that, it’s real and raw, not all sophisticated and crap. It’s amazing helpful content, that’s REAL.

👎 )))

Contacts is good, Language inappropriate... I was interested in sharing it with other family members but I rather not.

I love this guy!

I listen to this while I’m working. I have an at home online business and have been in business for 20 years .... since I was 17. He is so right on about so many things and truly inspires me to keep going.


Peaceful motivation I am trying to incorporate in my morning routines


I came upon this podcast, I believe, at about episode 3 and I have been hooked ever since. I listen to them over and over, until the new episode comes out. Definitely a useful tool to get my mind in the right place!! Thank you!


I just recently found this podcast one day at the gym and I happen to have a super important interview that day as well and I’m telling you what, it was EXACTLY what I needed. I’ve already listened to all of the available episodes and can’t wait for more! Thank you!

My generation needs to hear Scott

Scott is saying what needs to be said. My generation struggles with clarity of purpose, drive, and work ethic. I battled my self for a long time in the arena of time management and persistence in a project. Recently I started getting up at 4:30 in the morning so I can squeeze more hours of productivity into my day. Scott’s ability to bring clarity to my problems have changed my life for the better for myself, my wife, and my children.

The Motivated.

This podcast is one of the best that I’ve listened too, granted I don’t listen to much. But this is a real world person with a real world story that is well worth the time. I myself can attest to the struggle, and the mindset that he talks about. That being said, any question in your mind? Any problems with your day to day? Tune in. You won’t regret it

Awesome Motivation

I listen to it on the way to and from work. Gets me motivated for the work day, but it also gets me in the right mindset to crush my goals outside of work. Reaching goals takes more than just talk, and each episode gives you tangible tasks or suggestions that can help you get there. If you want to learn more about wealth and motivation, or even just like listening to stories of hard work and success this is for you!

Listen and apply

Such a great way to start your day off on the right path and get in the right mindset for success. Positive and influential information to help not only yourself, but others around you on their journey to success.

My mind is soooo motivated!

This podcast makes you want to be better, and sometimes you just need that push, or a little motivation. Highly recommend!!

Kicks Your Brain Into Gear

This podcast is vantastic as it gives you a different perspective of life and your journey. It provides that perspective to get you going and fired up. Its exactly what I need on my ride into work each day.